How to become a professional football player

How to become a professional football player

Footballer is a dream profession for most boys and even girls. If parents had not insisted on other professions for their children, almost all boys would become footballers. But, of course, not everyone becomes a real professional. And only a few become a football legend. Nevertheless, with the help of special services such as, every football player can try his hand, even if he is looking for his first club.

By definition, a football player – a player of a football team, whose main task is to defeat the opponent’s team, scoring the ball into someone else’s goal and preventing it from hitting their gates. Despite the incredible popularity of this profession, on employment sites it is difficult to find an ad on the topic “Requires a footballer. After all, players – a special caste, in a professional environment which can get only the most talented, motivated and successful.

Football is the “King of Sport”, sport number 1 in the world: the most popular, financially invested and spectacular. No other sport can compare to football by the strength of emotionality, tension, euphoria from victory and bitterness from defeat! And this applies not only to the players themselves, but more to the fans. This sport has more fans and fans than any other. There are even special bookmaker’s offices. But to become a great player you need to have not only outstanding physical qualities, firmness and persistence. The main thing is to give yourself to the profession 100%, to devote to it all your strength, time and energy. Football is a team sport. But each player of the team is a star in its role, which fans know not only by numbers, but also by names and faces. 

Peculiarities of the profession

The main task of the whole football team is to score as many goals in the opponent’s goal as possible. But each player has its own specific responsibilities. The football team consists of the goalkeeper, strikers and defenders. In modern football, the following tactical scheme of competition is common: 4-4-2-1, which means 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 forwards, 1 goalkeeper. Accordingly, each player solves individual tasks assigned to him.


  • high salary;
  • demand;
  • the opportunity to do what you love to do;
  • constant travel around the world (for some it’s a disadvantage);
  • healthy lifestyle;
  • opportunity for professional growth;
  • positive emotions if you win.


  • daily exercise with serious physical activity;
  • frequent trips;
  • increased risk of injury;
  • risk of losing your job due to injury;
  • negative emotions if the team is defeated.

Where to study as a football player

The football professions are not taught at any university or college. As a rule, the career starts from childhood in a children’s and youth team at one of the football clubs. Then everything depends on the talent and persistence of the player. Coaches mark especially outstanding kids and send them to a professional team. Professional career of a football player is built on an increasing basis as follows: children’s sports school, junior, youth, national teams and, as the peak of career, elite football clubs of the world. At the end of their sports careers, many football players become coaches or referees, open their own sports schools and hold various administrative positions.

Where to look for a job

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