How to Succeed in Hockey Betting

How to Succeed in Hockey Betting

Watching the NHL all night long and getting paid for it is probably the dream of every hockey fan, which can come true thanks to betting in bookmakers. From this introductory material you will learn the main points of bookmaker betting, and after you wait for free predictions on hockey from professionals. You should also know that it is important to find a reliable news channel from where you will get news and analysis, such as MMA news if you bet on MMA, or hockey news in our case.

Types of bets on hockey

Why when choosing a bookmaker, experienced players often pay attention to the spreadsheet? Because the wider it is, the greater the choice of bets on the match and, accordingly, the higher the chances of success. But it is necessary to understand the essence of each type of bet, so as not to lose because of inexperience and ignorance of the peculiarities of betting. Below we consider the main types of hockey bets.

  • Main outcome. These are bets on the victory of one of the teams or a draw. There are only three options for betting.
  • Victory including overtime. In hockey betting, experienced players give preference to this very bet rather than the main outcome, choosing the victory of a particular team with overtime.
  • Double chance. When the bettor can’t decide between the two bets of the main outcome, the double chance market comes to the rescue. Here it is possible to choose 1X – the non-win of the first team, which means that to win a bet it is necessary that the first team wins or the main time ends in a draw. Hence, X2 is a non-win for the second team, 12 is no draw.
  • Asian Handicap. Handicap should be understood as the advantage of one of the teams. Handicap can be with plus or minus sign. If a bet is made with a plus handicap, the number of goals scored is added, and vice versa, with a minus handicap it is subtracted. 
  • Total more or less. Total in hockey is the number of goals scored, and the bookmaker offers to guess the performance of the match, betting on more or fewer goals. 
  • The score of the match. In soccer it is difficult to predict the exact score, and in hockey it is virtually unrealistic. However, if you succeed, you can make a nice score, because the odds for the outcomes of this market are very high.
  • Combination bets. This type of bets includes two variants of outcomes from different markets, for example, the victory of the first team + total more than 6.5.
  • Players’ performance. It is possible to bet on the performance of each hockey player.

We should separately highlight the long-term bets – an interesting type of betting, where it is necessary to name the winner of the tournament: NHL, World Championship, KHL, etc.

How to succeed in hockey betting

If you want to succeed in betting on hockey, you should study the best sports websites in this category. If you get the latest hockey news in a timely manner, you will have the opportunity to reach a whole new level. At this point, everyone can get access to the latest NHL news. To do this, you have to find and start using a reliable news source. This will help you succeed in your hockey betting.