Online casino tournaments

Online casino tournaments

This post is about free online casino tournaments for real money. Since this topic interests many newcomers to gambling, I recommend studying the information, it will be interesting and useful, because online casino tournaments are quite frequent events, which are typical for almost all institutions. The administration of any virtual casino is trying to attract the maximum number of users to their site.

To do this, they use a variety of marketing gimmicks, advertising and bonuses. Launched by the administration of casino tournaments (with free participation, but cash winnings) can diversify the leisure. Nevertheless, I immediately recommend to understand one thing: “free” – a relative concept. If you really want to make money on gambling, you should visit

What are tournaments at online casinos?

So what are online casino tournaments? Basically, it’s a competition between users. I would characterize almost any tournament as “Whoever deposits more money into the gaming account and spends it on bets, wins”. That’s not entirely accurate, of course, but it’s close to the truth. Naturally, the entourage, the spirit of competition and other paraphernalia makes losing your own money a pleasant experience. In principle, if you do not entertain in fake clubs, you even have a chance to win.

Basically, all free tournaments in casinos for real money are weekly. You don’t have to pay to participate in a tournament. Simply for seven days, the user runs the gambling machines and keep track of the table, which displays the rating of several leading participants online. The prize fund in different casinos can vary significantly. On average, it is 1-2 thousand dollars, or the equivalent in another currency. Of course, there are larger amounts.


Although casino tournaments in different establishments differ from each other, they have common features and rules:

  1. competitors must be registered in the club;
  2. participate is available to all users;
  3. participation is voluntary;
  4. prize money is divided between 10-20 leaders of competitions;
  5. in the tournament certain slots are involved (most often);
  6. sometimes a minimum bet is set, which allows you to become a party to the tournament;
  7. in the online table the actual information about the position of each participant is displayed in real time.

These are the main points, which are present in any competitions. Depending on the venue, tournament rules may vary slightly. No deposit bonuses cannot become bets in tournaments. Withdrawal of winnings by winners is carried out on the basis of the rules of the institution. If the prize amount is large, the winnings can be withdrawn through several transactions. Beginners, who want to become participants of tournaments, should study the rules carefully and play only those machines, which are admitted to the competitions.

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