What are DevOps services?

What are DevOps services?

Nowadays DevOps is the most efficient approach to software development. So, it’s not a surprise that lots of companies want to implement DevOps services. Today we’ll discuss what services you can implement and what is DevOps transformation at all.

Simply put, DevOps provides automation and strong collaboration between teams. The main result of DevOps transformation is faster releases and smoother internal processes. One of the main DevOps principles is CI/CD or Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It allows fast bug fixing and adding new features. The code is written in small parts that easy to test and deploy. Also, DevOps provides IaC – Infrastructure as Code. This is the ability to create customizable infrastructure. IaC has a special textual file with settings in descriptive language. Thus, a Quality Assurance engineer can customize infrastructure and make different tests without bothering the DevOps engineer. Developers can use IaC for deployment and smoke tests. These features make the DevOps approach quite efficient and time-saving.

As a result, DevOps transformation could bring you a high competitiveness level on the market. And of course, increase the profit.

How to choose appropriate DevOps services?

There are a lot of DevOps services – from first DevOps consultation to AWS and Azure Cloud migration. Each company needs an individual approach and a set of services. So, let’s have a look at common services and plan of DevOps transformation. The simplest way to choose appropriate services is by referring to the Managed Service Provider (MSP). Such companies provide different services and dedicated teams for your projects. Let’s have a look at the approximate plan of DevOps transformation.

  • DevOps assessment and consulting. This is the first necessary step. DevOps team should understand the currents state of infrastructure, find the main bottlenecks, estimate transformation time, costs and make the conclusion do your company needs this transformation or not.
  • Infrastructure redesigning. Some companies use legacy systems and software, so they need to redesign the current infrastructure before the next steps of transformation.
  • Cloud migration. Usually, the next step is choosing cloud platforms and moving tools, processes and software to the cloud. There are a lot of reliable cloud providers and MSP can help you to choose the right one or choose a few of them and avoid the vendor lock-in.
  • Providing IaC and CI/Cd pipeline. After redesigning and cloud migration DevOps team provides the necessary tools and technologies for further work.
  • Monitoring and improvement. DevOps approach also means continuous improvement. Thus, DevOps engineers monitor and manage the system, find the bottleneck and ways to improve processes.

Every step includes different services, tools and methodologies, so it’s impossible to say what services you need exactly. But after assessment, you can understand what set of services you need, how much time will take te transformation and other details.

Final thoughts

DevOps services can improve your working processes and increase the competitiveness of your company because of smooth processes and fast releases. As a result, you’ll have a bigger profit. Also, DevOps transformation can significantly change the relationships in the team and make them friendly and respectful.

So, DevOps transformation can bring you profit, competitiveness, and a motivated team. It also will take time and resources but with reliable Managed Service Provider implementation of DevOps services will be as convenient as possible.