What are steroids?

What are steroids?

Modern bodybuilding is not only about regular exercise and proper nutrition. For better results, many athletes also use different anabolics. There can be many reasons for this:

  • the stopping of muscle growth and the desire to restart it; 
  • the removal of excess fluids from the tissues and the formation of relief;
  • an increase in strength characteristics, and many other things.

In general, AAS are drugs that can stimulate anabolic processes. It is thanks to them that athletes get their desired results fairly quickly. The main property of anabolics, which causes their action – imitation testosterone. It accelerates protein synthesis and, as a result, increases muscle mass. More information about modern steroids can be found on this website.

How do steroids affect the body?

The principle of AAS is quite simple: 

  • Once in a cell, they begin to interact with it by sending signals to the cell nucleus through its receptors. 
  • There’s a change in the expression of the genes. 
  • The production of nucleic acids is accelerating, and at the same time, the formation of new protein structures.

If we consider the impact of AAS on the body on a slightly larger scale than on the cellular level, we can see how the organs react to them. It’s no secret that the biggest blow is to the liver. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain dosages and, if possible, reduce the consumption of oral anabolics to a minimum. In addition, they can have a negative effect on the heart’s function. This happens when the mass is built up by delaying fluid in the body. Functioning of the heart muscle becomes more difficult. The wall of the left ventricle of the heart becomes thicker, which leads to a worsening of its contractility. An important role in achieving the desired result is played by anabolic and androgenic activity. Each of them affects the body in its own way and leads to different manifestations. 

Effects of steroid intake


  • an increase in quality muscles;
  • increase in strength characteristics;
  • increase in endurance and productivity;
  • protection of the circulatory system and bone tissue;
  • fat burning and so on.


  • libido enhancement;
  • masculinization and virilization;
  • hair loss on the head;
  • increased hair growth on face and body;
  • prostate hypertrophy and so on.

Quite a few anabolics have high androgenic activity. But at the same time, they allow men to feel more confident. And other side effects take place after the post-course therapy.

Scopes of steroids

AAS have gained such popularity in the modern world that you can meet them not only in sports. Few people have thought about what they were created for in the first place. Therefore, about their use in medicine will be found out by chance. Today, these drugs have proven themselves in recovery after surgical operations. In addition, steroids are actively used to treat various diseases. Among them:

  • infectious diseases;
  • fractures;
  • burns;
  • AIDS and HIV;
  • oncological diseases;
  • growth hormone disorders in children;
  • diabetes and much more.

Steroids are an individual choice for everyone. For some, they can be a “lifeline” that can help you get your body in shape quickly. For some, they can help with recovery. But it’s important to remember that when using AAS, you need to do all the tests on time, stick to the right diet, train regularly and remember to rest. In addition, post-course therapy and supervision by specialists will help to minimize all the negative effects of taking. 

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